Monday, May 22, 2017


It's late in the day, past bedtime for the big two and the little one needs woken from her nap.  The sun is slowly setting somewhere behind a thick mantle of clouds, casting a grey blue haze everywhere.  

The rain comes and goes as I re-situate myself again and again, trying to read the last pages of a new-to-me magazine.  

I don't want to turn on a lamp, I tell Chris.  I don't want this late spring halo of mist and light to be disturbed by the orange glow of our budget CFLs but, it had to be done; the trees becoming nothing more than a silhouette on a steel grey sky.  

This weekend had been the slowest weekend we've had in months.  Maybe years.  

Even though my to-do list is a mile long, and even though this weekend mostly sans-kids would have been the perfect time to check things off that list; I let it go.  Choosing instead to appreciate the weekend for what it is: a chance to relax and recharge.  And I wonder, not for the first time, what I can do to make every day like this? 

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Just Keep Crafting

So this just happened.  Yep, I guess I'm a crochet-er now? (a hooker, perhaps?) I'm not a fan of crochet, generally speaking, but I love granny squares and I've been sitting on a massive granny-square tute for a couple years now so I decided it's time to learn.  I picked up some cheap hooks and an instructional booklet from Volde-Mart and now I've got the world's wonkiest dishcloth.  Love it!

What else do I love? This book, next to wonky-cloth, A Mother's Rule of Life.  It's amazing.  Life-changing even.  At least, it's working its magic in my life from the moment I finished the first few pages of the first chapter.  It's as though everything I had searched (for a couple years now!) for online in regards to rhythm and scheduling a day just couldn't get me over the hump the way this book has.  Maybe I ordered a special edition; "Holy Spirit, now included!" All I know is that something has lit a fire under me, and that's the most likely culprit.  Thank God!

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Sunday, April 16, 2017

Friday, April 14, 2017

Hot Cross Buns

Every once in a while I'll think to myself "Oh, I should make hot cross buns on Good Friday" and then I ultimately forget to do it because that thought occurred to me in October or November...or the week after Easter.  Well this year it occurred to me just before Lent, so I wrote it down on every calendar/planner/scrap of paper I could lay my hands on.

It worked! We made hot cross buns!

Then I shipped the little monsters off to Grammy's for the weekend.  Chris and I have building to do!

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Just Keep Crafting

So how about I published my last Crafting post with no photos and never did link it up? And here I was so proud of myself for getting it "done".  *edited to add: I did it again this week! gah! what is up with me?!*

Still still plugging away at Find Your Fade.  I love it and hate it at the same time.  Love the shawl, the pattern, the yarn...hate the commitment that is knitting a large shawl.  or any shawl really.  I'm more of a baby clothes knitter, or a small toy knitter, I'm not one for big projects so this is challenging me.

I've also knocked out a few bonnets and a couple geranium dresses.  I'm thinking of trying to obtain the seller's license for Geranium so that I might sell them on Etsy or at craft shows.  We'll see.  I am opening an etsy shop though, just selling a bit of a hodge podge of what I create; dolls, toys, baby things, home pretty-fiers.  I'll share more as it get closer to opening time.  For now, keep crafting my friends!

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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Cutting Teeth

Last month I saw that Jim Gaffigan was going to be performing in State College, and since Chris will use just about any excuse to go up there, I figured I could weasel a night of entertainment of my choice out of my husband.  It's a long standing joke between us that I never get to see anyone I want to see.  Seriously, we've been together for 9 years and this was the first show that I showed interest in and actually got to see!  I bought Chris a copy of "Dad is Fat" for Christmas and he's been enjoying reading it.  As Chris put it, "it's like he's talking about my life".

Then we went to The Creamery don't go to State College and NOT go to The Creamery.  In fact I'm pretty certain if you get pulled over leaving State College and you don't have a bag full of ice cream in your trunk, you get fined.  We picked up 3 gallons just to cover our bases.  (disturbing yet entertaining aside, I misspelled "bases" and my iphone tried to autocorrect it to "bodies" bwahahahaa!)

Our weekend away was my first time apart from A.  I cried when we left and I cried when we returned.  She didn't cry too much, according to my mother, but apparently she did spend a lot of time looking as if she was searching for someone.

The short time away gave A the opportunity to try something new.  She's cutting teeth! I couldn't believe it! Her siblings didn't start until they were around 10 months, so this must be some of that third baby-ness I hear so much about.  Oh A! Stay little just a little while longer!

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Just Keep Crafting

Still plugging away at my Find Your Fade shawl.

Also, Easter kinda snuck up on me so I'm in speed mode, trying to finish the whole host of things I wanted done for then! Easter dresses and bonnets, felted eggs, beaded bubble wands, etc.  I had hoped to make V a set of dollhouse dolls, but I haven't even ordered the supplies for them, so they're just going to be a summer project, I think.  I'm in a bigger time crunch than usual; Chris and I are going to see Jim Gaffigan this weekend and the 3 hour drive means it'll be an overnight trip (my first night away from A!) so my weekend is pretty much shot.  Saturday will be all hockey and swimming lessons, and we probably won't be home until Sunday afternoon.

What am I reading? Making.  I missed the boat on ordering the first issue last year, and kept talking myself out of buying the second since shipping is just atrocious on everything anymore.  But they reprinted issue one, so I went ahead and bought both the first and second issue and then subscribed while I was at it.  Once I received my issues I immediately regretted the hemming and hawing; these little books are packed full of awesome projects and they're worth every penny.

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